Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is based on the Gelli Aur Campus of Coleg Sir Gar. Activities that are delivered out of the centre include the:

  • Dairy Development Centre (DDC)
  • Landbased short courses team
  • Welsh Region of the Royal Veterinary College (RVC)
  • Gelli Aur Farm team
  • Conference facilities

For further information please contact the centre on 01554 748570.


  • Land-based Short Courses
  • Royal Vet College
  • Gelli Aur Farm


The Coleg Sir Gâr Landbased Short Courses Co-ordinator is based at Gelli Aur Campus

Such courses include:

  • Artificial Insemination
  • Chainsaw
  • Pesticides
  • Tractor
  • Telehandler
  •  ATV


Coleg Sir Gâr offer a huge range of land based short courses tailored to suit a business's individual needs, allowing business's to invest in skills and training to meet legislative requirements. The courses are run both locally to the college and throughout the county. All courses are facilitaed by professionally trained and highly skilled instructors. Why not benefit from a full range of training in areas of animal care, health and safety, safe use of pesticides, vehicle operation, livestock husbandry and equipment use.

For more information please click on the link below to download our Landbased Short Courses brochure or contact an adviser on: 01554 748394.

Please click here for more information regarding courses at Coleg Sir Gar.

The Welsh Regional Veterinary College (WRVC) was set up by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) to allow students in the final year to conduct herd health investigations. Groups of students visit farms accompanied by a qualified veterinarian.

The students collect data while on the farm and use this to give advice to farmers aimed at improving welfare and productivity. The students get experience in giving advice of a preventative nature to farmers. The students visit dairy, beef and sheep farms as part of this service.

The work of the WRVC is carried out in parallel to the farms own vets and is aimed at being complementary to the work of the farm vet. Students have visited farms throughout Wales during the 5 years that the WRVC has been in existence and they have advised on many aspects of farming including parasitology, calf and lamb health, infectious diseases and production diseases.

For further information regarding the Welsh Region of the Royal Veterinary College, please Click here.



Vet School Taster Week

In August 2012, the Dairy Development Centre of Coleg Sir Gar joined forces with the Welsh Regional Royal Veterinary College to deliver the first ever Wales vet school taster week to prospective pupils keen to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Pupils of 16 to 17 from both North and South Wales and as far as London took residence in Carmarthenshire for one week to experience what a vet student's life entails at Gelli Aur.

 The course is intended for students in the 16 - 19 year old category who may be considering a career in the agricultural industry. For more information regarding our next vet school taster week please contact the resource centre on: 01554 748570.

 To view the latest vet school taster week prospectus, please click on the below link;



Gelli Aur College Farm (240 hectares) is part of the Gelli Aur Agricultural Campus, which is a purpose built complex & is one of Coleg Sir Gar’s five campuses.

The main brief of the farm is to run a commercial business providing practical experience for students and to host discussion groups, farm walks, and training days. The Resource Centre provides conference facilities for meetings & seminars.



The farm has two dairy herds of approximate 250 cows in each; the two herds are run on contrasting management systems; one calving in the spring, one in the autumn.



The farm also runs a commercial flock of sheep producing breeding ewe lambs and fattening ram lambs. Approximately 30 cross bred beef animals are intensively fattened every year.

For further information contact John Owen (Farm Manager) on 01554 748570.


Click here to visit the Gelli Aur Farm website.