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Are you making the most of the electricity, fuel & water on your farm?

Under this module support is available for 250 Welsh dairy farms to review either their electricity, fuel or water usage, with the aim of identifying areas where efficiencies could be made.

The review highlights areas where improvements can be made in order to lower costs, by reducing energy demand / water usage and identifies best practice.

Energy inputs represent a major and rapidly increasing cost to farmers and therefore sharing information about technologies and strategies which can be utilised to improve efficiency can be seen as a positive step towards saving money.

The process will:
•Help farmers understand their energy consumption and patterns of usage.
•Analyse the electricity contract in terms of price, tariff, service and payment method.
•Benchmark a farm with other similar farmers to compare energy use.
•Analyse the cost savings potential new energy saving equipment could make in terms of capital cost versus savings.



Once signed up for a review, the Energy Efficiency Project Co-ordinator will visit each farm to collect initial base line data, before engaging a specialist consultant to survey the farm and produce the report.

This service is available to dairy farmers free of charge and there is no obligation to take up any of the areas highlighted in the review.

A series of booklets and case study factsheets are available to farmers highlighting examples and best practice in terms of both energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

To register for a free energy, water or fuel usage review or to receive further information regarding this module please contact Neil Nicholas, on 01554 748592 or by e-mail

To view current market prices of electricity click on the 'Energy Tariffs' title at the top of this page.

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              Current Energy Prices


The below table shows the best electricity prices  (pence per kilowatt hour – p/kWh) for small businesses in Wales for a new 12 month contract:

Last updated: 16/04/2014






Thanks to our friends at Farm Energy Centre for the following advice on….

How to terminate your energy contract successfully?

If you have signed a contract or accepted a verbal agreement with an energy supplier, you should be aware of your obligation under their terms and conditions to give the correct notice to leave when your contract expires.

Some suppliers take advantage of your failure to do this so that they can lock you into another year's business, often at an inflated rate. This is called an 'auto-rollover' and applies, even though you may never have signed a renewal contract.

The notice period required by different energy suppliers for ending your contract varies. One of the leading suppliers requires written notice NOT LESS THAN 90 DAYS prior to the contract end date; others require either 60 days or 28 days.
Some suppliers have a set review period of only a few weeks in which you can opt out of their offered renewal rates prior to the end of your contract - which can be very inconvenient.

Here's what to do…

  1. Set a reminder on your calendar or in your diary to give written notice as soon as you are able to.
  2. Send written notice by registered delivery and ask for confirmation that they have received it in writing. You can also give notice by e-mail or by fax if you prefer. Again, ask for confirmation of receipt.
  3. Keep a copy of your notice to quit and the confirmation reply. If you need to chase this confirmation up, take notes of who you spoke to, on what date and at what time.



Suggested wording for a termination of an electricity or gas contract;

To [your current electricity / gas supplier]
Dear …..,

Please accept this letter as written notice, as per your terms and conditions, that I wish my current contract(s) for MPAN number(s) / MPRN number(s) …………… to expire on their termination date(s).
Could you please confirm receipt of this letter.
I am happy to receive renewal prices from you nearer to the end of the contract so that I can make an informed decision whether to stay with you for a further term or look for an alternative supplier.

Yours faithfully,


The MPAN number (electricity contract) is the bottom line of your supply number which should be found on your electricity bill. It is in an oblong box with a large letter 'S' on the left hand side of it.

The MPRN number (gas contract) should be on your gas bill.