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The Dairy Development Centre (DDC) aims to facilitate the development of the Welsh dairy industry through the provision of a proactive technology transfer service and market intelligence.


Currently the DDC is jointly delivering the 'Improving the Welsh Dairy Supply Chain’ project. The aim of the project is to strengthen the dairy industry in Wales and maintain its viability as a career choice for young people.

The 'Improving the Welsh Dairy Supply Chain' project is made possible through the Supply Chain Efficiencies Scheme (SCES) of the Rural Development Plan (RDP) for Wales 2007- 2013 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, and is being delivered by DairyCo and the Dairy Development Centre (DDC).

The project includes six modules, each aimed at improving efficiency within the Welsh Dairy Supply Chain.

For more information on the project click here.


The Dairy Development Centre (DDC) jointly deliver  the 'Improving the Welsh Dairy Supply Chain' project with DairyCo.

DairyCo promotes world class knowledge to British dairy farmers so they can profit from a sustainable future.

For further information about DairyCo and what they have to offer please click here.


Neil Nicholas - Energy Efficiency Officer

T: 01554 748577 E: neil.nicholas@colegsirgar.ac.uk



John Owen - Grass value Officer & Gelli Aur Farm Manager

T: 01554 748571 E: john.owen@colegsirgar.ac.uk




John Griffiths - Dairy Development Centre Manager

T: 01554 748570 E: john.griffiths@colegsirgar.ac.uk



Menna Davies - Communications Officer (Wales)

T: 07875 098173 E: menna.davies@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk


Louise Thomas - Extension Officer (Wales)

M: 07767 001544 Elouise.thomas@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk

[Richard Davies - DairyCo Extension Team, Wales]

M: 07966 237 841
E: richard.davies@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk